Friday, May 05, 2006

Apathetic Party wins (again)

Jeremy Vine is spouting statistics on Newsnight at the mo, and the various parties are trying to spin their results to best effect. But the one stat that is barely mentioned is the turnout: 38%. Or, to put it the other way, 62%, didn't bother. This was deemed as normal, which is scandalous. Worse is the fact that, compared to the elections for members of the European parliament, where most of decisions that affect us in the Uk seem to be made, 38% is a good turnout. This apathy makes me angry and frustrated. If I hear anyone moaning about the Council, the Government or the EU, I simply ask, "Did you vote?" If they say no, I tell 'em to shut up. If they couldn't be bothered to put an X on a piece of paper, they have no right to complain at the outcome.

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