Saturday, February 25, 2006

What's In a Name

There used to be a website called Egosurf, which did a search and gave you a list of links to sites with your name. I think now most people use Google for that. There's still an Egosurf site, but gives a different type of information. I recently stumbled across something closer to the old site: Googlism, though it only gives snippets and not links. The depressing thing when looking at it is how much more interesting the lives of others with my name seem to be. It's a bit like the episode of Red Dwarf where a super-cool Arnold Rimmer (left) jumps to different realities to meet other versions of himself, but never meets one as annoying as the one in ours (which is the reason Holly the ships' computer creates Rimmer's hologram rather than one of Kochanski to keep Lister sane.... yes, I am a sad sci -fi geek....)

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