Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thanks, Sky

It's been a few months since all the kafuffle between Sky and Virgin Media erupted, and it seems the dust and the threats of court have died down. After the initial ruckus, many Virgin subscribers like myself used the opportunity to renegotiate our deals with the company. I went from the basic package of normal phone, basic tv, 2mb broadband to free weekend and evening calls, the largest tv package without sport and movies and 10mb broadband, which is now in the process of being upgraded to 20mb. And all for £10 a month less than I'd been paying! The deal lasts for a year, but I expect I'll be able to extend it. Others more savvy than me got lifetime deals, or free V+ boxes,but I'm happy with my lot. As for the loss of Sky channels, well that hasn't been as traumatic as first thought. Thanks to the kindness of others I've been able to keep up with the programmes I'd been watching 'till the end of their runs, and any new progs I won't get into (sorry, Dresden Files) and so won't bother me (besides, Brainiac without the Hamster just doesn't feel the same.) Plus, being able to watch M.A.S.H on Paramount Comedy 2 more than makes up for any loss (and Taxi is starting this week! Heaven!). So thanks, Sky. Your greed has made my world a better (and cheaper!) place.
P.S. It seems Sky is trying to lose another show it's audience. After taking Lost and 24 from must-see status to TV footnote, word is that they're trying to grab Prison Break from 5. Looks like they still haven't realised that hijacking shows won't have the fans flocking to them, only make them even more despised, and give the show the kiss of death.