Monday, October 23, 2006

It's no Goody

From today's soaraway Sun's editorial....

It's no Goody
ONE in five children can't point to the UK on a map, says a shocking new survey.
But is it any wonder kids fail . . .
In a country which made celebrated dimwit Jade Goody a millionaire?

And just which bloody dimwits had her plastered all over their pages to help her become a "celebrity" (what a devalued word that is nowadays...) in the first place? And continue to do so, along with others like her, perpetuating the idea success can be achieved without hard work and merit, but by debasing yourself on a TV show. Is it any wonder that some kids don't see any value in learning when they are presented with role models such as this? Ask a group of kids nowadays what they want to be when they grow up and many will say "rich and famous." Ask them how they will get there and they will shrug their shoulders. They think - expect- it to drop in their lap, without any effort on their part. Anyone who does try to better themselves, especially in some sections of the community, are ridiculed and bullied. Intelligence is seen as uncool and something to be derided.

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