Sunday, April 02, 2006

Penguin Rescue

Windows XP has been pissing me off lately. First there was the missing soundcard. Then Explorer decided to crash every five minutes, making it practically unusable. A wipe and reinstall was in order, but I had quite a lot of stuff I'd did want to dump, but the thought of trying to move it all with Windows in the state it was wasn't a happy one. Then I remembered the Knoppix DVD I'd got awhile ago with Linux Format mag. I, like many of you I guess, are intrigued by Linux but hesitant. Well, I gave it a go, and true to its tagline It Just Worked. Found all my devices and booted in couple of minutes with no fuss. All the main progs you need to function are included in the bundle so there's no messing about and you can get to work straight away. The GUI isn't as polished as Windows, and some things have to be done differently, but I was so impressed I kept using it for over a week, and got all my transferring done before I redid Windows. If the interface had been a bit better and I could've run my favourite progs under it, I may never have gone back. In fact, there's a prog called Wine that runs Word and the like, so you never know.....

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