Monday, March 27, 2006


....didn't Steve Martin learn his lesson with Bilko? To think, this is the same man who gave us The Man With Two Brains and Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid....

....a woman is suing for a million quid for having to use a squeaky chair. She is also claiming sex discrimination as the two men she worked with got "executive" chairs and she didn't. None of the women I know would have put up with that. The offending furniture would have been by the bins and much noise would have been made until a proper replacement was aquired. seems that the water shortage is going to be so bad this year that I won't even be able to chuck a bucket of soapy water of over me motorbike! turn the central heating down a bit. Police are cruising the streets with thermal imaging cameras for cannabis. The imagers show up the heat generated by the lighting systems used to grow the stuff.

....a hospital will cut a thousand jobs, which they say will improve services. Is it me?

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