Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bob Carlos Clarke

I was shocked to read of the death of Bob Carlos Clarke in an accident a few days ago. A world renowned photographer and printer, I have been an admirer of his work for many years. His pictures were stunning and provocative; whether in his art books or for high profile ad campaigns. His obesssion with printing perfection was well known, and that drive for perfction continued when he transferred to digital. For those who didn't know him, there are obituaries here and here, and examples of his work on his website here.

Monday, March 27, 2006


....didn't Steve Martin learn his lesson with Bilko? To think, this is the same man who gave us The Man With Two Brains and Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid....

....a woman is suing for a million quid for having to use a squeaky chair. She is also claiming sex discrimination as the two men she worked with got "executive" chairs and she didn't. None of the women I know would have put up with that. The offending furniture would have been by the bins and much noise would have been made until a proper replacement was aquired. seems that the water shortage is going to be so bad this year that I won't even be able to chuck a bucket of soapy water of over me motorbike! turn the central heating down a bit. Police are cruising the streets with thermal imaging cameras for cannabis. The imagers show up the heat generated by the lighting systems used to grow the stuff.

....a hospital will cut a thousand jobs, which they say will improve services. Is it me?

Monday, March 20, 2006

Say hello to....

.... my latest tenant: Tales of the Opiated Sherpa. He's Canadian. Explains a lot. Head down the sidebar and give him a click.

Monday, March 13, 2006

This week's special guest is.....

Nepalsites, a blog of interesting things and interesting sites; and a cautionary tale on phishing - give him a click from the sidebar.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rainbow Personality

Those of you who have read some of the previous posts know I like quizzes. This one was pretty interesting and remarkabley close to the mark (except for the very high femininity, he says in deep, gruff voice...) Looking at the testimonials on the site, others seem to think it pretty accurate too. Give it a try here.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Right around the world....

We take it so much for granted now, but the net is truly a wonderful thing. Within a couple of hours of publishing, the knockers post below has been linked to by a chap in Joburg. Just think how far we've come in the last decade or so in the transfer of information important and trivial, and how much of it we have at our disposal, it's just mind boggling.... or should that be googling...?

Cock-a-doodle *cough*

A Bear, a Lion and a Chicken meet.
Bear says "if I roar in the forest, the entire forest shivers in fear"
Lion says "If I roar in the desert the entire desert trembles in fear"
"Big deal" says the chicken, "I only have to cough and the entire planet shits itself"

And on this week's show....

Trying out this renting lark from Blogexplosion, so say hello to DynamoWP and his Collection of Random Stuff. Click on the screenshot in the sidebar and check out his site..... and while I'm talking about the sidebar, you'll also find there a rotating random selection of pictures from flickr and the top ten headlines from Digg. Oh, and if you can feed my wolf while you're there I'd appreciate it. Just click on the more button and hand him the meat.....

Bounce Reduction

If Carrie Fisher had had one of these, she wouldn't have needed so much gaffa tape in Star Wars.... (warning, site contains images of bouncing breasts that will bring out the inner schoolboy of most men, resulting in fnnr fnnr and similar noises....)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blog-slot fever

My arm is sore, my eyes are dried out and my head is aching. I've been gripped by blog-slot fever. Two sites; Blogmad and Blogexplosion, operate a system whereby the more blogs you view, the more times your blog gets viewed. Be warned, this can get hypnotic. Both sites use the same system. Surfing from their site, a blog appears and a countdown begins. After thirty seconds, a series of numbers appear and you're told which one to click on. Then another site appears and the countdown starts again. For each site you see, you get a credit, and your site will be seen by someone else doing the same thing. The more clicks, the more views. If you click before the half minute is up, you don't get a credit. Some of the sites I've seen are quite interesting, and I've stayed for more than the required time (I hope you'll think this is one of them). But they are in the minority and with many others you're waiting for the clock to tick down to see what the next site is. This is where it gets addictive for me (as if I wasn't addicted enough to the net) as I click again and again, hoping the next site will be better than the last. I have seen an increase in my site stats, but I wonder how many of those hits are just people clicking away to get more people to see their site, which people aren't because they're too busy doing the same thing. I'd rather have fewer hits but people hanging around to see what's actually on the page, otherwise it's all a bit pointless.....

Where's Oscar?

One for the movie buffs. Emulating the Stella Artois ads, Sky have produced this little brain teaser to promote their coverage of this year's awards. There's 37 winners of the best picture Oscar tucked away here. Click on the picture for a larger version, you'll need it....