Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ay ar kid, did yow se uz on telly las wik?

As a Wulfrunian born and bred I always get a sense of trepidation when I hear Wolverhampton mentioned. Usually it's coming from a comedian who needs a punchline and knows the name will get a laugh, or from the classified results on Grandstand to say that Wolves have lost in the second half. Again. Or we've been lumped in with Birmingham and the Black Country. We are not - repeat - NOT - part of Birmingham, and there is a continual battle as to whether Wolverhampton is actually part of the Black Country. So it was pleasing to swtich on BBC breakfast news to see someone sticking up for the city recently. Wolverhampton was chosen as one of five places that were deemed to have unfair press from nominations by viewers. A short film was made for each place and viewers voted for the place
that was thought "a hidden gem". Wolvo won, the prize being a poem written by the Bard of Barnsley, Ian Mcillan. For the full story; with videos from all the five nominees and Ian Mcillan reciting his poem, check here. For more on Wolverhampton - or Woolvuramptun as it's pronunced locally - check here. There are some execllent aerial shots of the area here, and translations of the local dialect here.

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