Sunday, October 23, 2005

Arrrrrrrrggghhhhh!!!! Part 3

As you can tell, I haven't posted for a while. One of the reasons I'm holding in my hand. My power supply got so cosy with the motherboard it decided to fuse with it so they could never be parted. Not without a screwdriver and a lot of swearing, anyway. The power supply was three months old, but I managed to get a refund (cheers, Maplin) So, got a new supply and motherboard from ebuyer. Plugged it all in, switched on. And smelt the smell of computer death - burning plastic. An examination of the motherboard revealed the problem, and back went the motherboard for a replacement. This time no burning, but the board wouldn't recognise my windows installation. Or my partitons. Or anything. So I've had to wipe the drive and start again. Still, I had a load of clutter on it, and now I've got lots of free space to fill....

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