Saturday, August 06, 2005

Mr Flip Floppy

Male holiday makers now have another excuse besides (or instead of) the beer for their lack of performance when they get that equally drunk girl back to their room. German consumer magazine Oekotest recently did a survey of flip flops (invented by Da Vinci, apparently) and found they contained a broad range of toxic chemicals, including phthalates, suspected of acting like hormones and causing damage to major organs. According to the German Association for Environmental Protection (BUND), phthalates can cause permanent impotence in men. The tests also revealed high amounts of lead, zinc and other toxins. Even small amounts of these toxins - much lower than in the sandals -have been shown to affect the immune and hormonal systems of animals. Of the twenty-five pairs tested, forteen were failed. Of the others, three were deemed inadequate, one pair adequate and four satisfactory. Maybe they should have warning messages printed on them like cigarette packets..... but then someone would create more of these....

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