Friday, July 22, 2005

The Price of Success?

A lot has been said, screened and written about recent events in the capital, and their effects have been felt throughout the country. There are plenty of other sites offering information and opinion doing a far better job than I could. Two I've come across are London Stands and We're Not Afraid. The first is selling t-shirts to show support, the second has galleries of photos sent in by people all the over the world, all with the message We're Not Afraid. As a Midlander, I've always had a disdain for London, the recent Olympic bid a case in point. Previous bids by Manchester and Birmingham were treated with derision, but we were all expected to back the London bid. When the result came through, the impression I got was that people were more pleased that the French lost than that we won, and I thought it would make Londoners even more smug than they already are. If one of the other cities had been victorious, one wonders if things would have been different.....

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