Sunday, July 03, 2005

Federer Express

Tim Henman
Well, Wimbledon's over for another year. Britain's brief obession with Tennis has flourished and faded, much like the weather. The strawberries have been eaten, the champagne quaffed, and the home countries' hopes raised and dashed by "tiger" Tim Henman (left). This year has been especially tough for Tim: not only didn't he make the second week, but it seems his supporters are about to desert him and hitch their wagon to a new star: Andy Murray. The youngster will be first to tell people he has a long way to go before he can begin to challenge for titles, but already the media has him pegged as the New British Hope, with headlines like Henman Zero, Murray Hero. Henman Hill has been renamed Murray Mound, or Murray Field, in keeping with the hopeful's nationality (Murrayfield being the home of Scottish rugby). I hope Andy Roddick, beaten by Roger Federer to make it three titles in a row for the Swiss, can get a refund on that second airplane seat he's booked with his American Express card....

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