Thursday, June 16, 2005

Edukashun, Edukation, Education?

In the "you couldn't make it up" column: While those who want to learn are being soundly stung for the privilege, whose who don't are being "bribed" with cash and ipods in an effort to get them back into education. Laudable though it may be, it does seem to send out a confusing message: show willing and you have to pay, be reticient and you end up better off. Also, in a world where communication has never been more important and varid, it seems more and more children are growing up not meeting their proper potential in reading and writing, leading to a call for a review in teaching methods. Is it me? The most I got at school was a gold star, and I didn't know anyone in any of my classes who couldn't read or write to a respectable standard. Fortunately I was taught before those who thought they knew better began tinkering with the system. Then tinkered some more. And some more. And some more, until now teachers and children are seemingly driven by whatever league table or statistical survey is approaching, and choice is an illusion.
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